Dustin Richmond - PhD Candidate

Computer Engineering

I am a fourth year graduate student at the University of California in San Diego, studying hardware design and system integration under the guidance of Professor Ryan Kastner. When not chasing my advisor around the globe, my work is focused on developing tools to connect FPGA's to a variety of computation and storage devices to create heterogenous systems to accelerate large applications. Prior to joining Professor Kastner's group at UCSD I worked with Professor Carl Ebeling as an undergraduate at the University of Washington, and again at Altera during a six month internship that ended in January 2014.

My work has encompassed a very diverse set of projects: hardware for ultra-high speed cameras, PCI Express DMA engines, and recently applying computer vision techniques to archeology in Guatemala. Surprisingly, all of this is connected together (quite literally) with FPGAs. I am currently working on RIFFA, a Reusable Integration Framework for FPGA accelerators, and it's successor Trellis. You can find more information about RIFFA on the project website! Feel free to drop me an email, I'm always open to collaboration. My email is drichmond at eng dot ucsd dot edu.
I am very fortunate to be funded by three organizations: The Charles Lee Powell Foundation, National Science Foundation (NSFGRFP), and the ARCS Foundation.


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