Below is a relatively complete list of my publications. At times, my google scholar site may be more up-to-date.

UC San Diego:

RIFFA 2.1: A Reusable Integration Framework for FPGA Accelerators 

     Matthew Jacobsen, Dustin Richmond, Matthew Hogains, Ryan Kastner 

Enabling FPGAs for the Masses

    Janarbek Matai, Dustin Richmond, Da Jung Lee, Ryan Kastner

Real-time 3D Reconstruction for FPGAs: A Case Study for Evaluating the Performance, Area, and Programmability Trade-offs of the Altera OpenCL SDK 

    Quentin Gautier, Alexandria Shearer, Janarbek Matai, Dustin Richmond, Pinfan Meng, Ryan Kastner

An FPGA Design for High Speed Feature Extraction from a Compressed Measurement Stream

     Dustin Richmond, Ali Irturk, John McGarry, Ryan Kastner

La documentación en 3D de excavaciones y artefactos arqueológicos (CAPÍTULO 9)

     Sabrina Trinh, Dustin Richmond, Perry Naughton, Eric Lo, David Dantas, Dominique Meyer, Albert Lin, Curt Schurgers, Ryan Kastner, Thomas G. Garrison

University of Washington:

A Data-Intensive Programming Model for FPGAs: A Genomics Case Study

    Elliott Brossard, Dustin Richmond, Joshua Green, Carl Ebeling, Larry Ruzzo, Corey Olson, Scott Hauck

Diffractive light trapping in crystal-silicon films: experiment and electromagnetic modeling

    Dirk N. Weiss, Benjamin G. Lee, Dustin A. Richmond, William Nemeth, Qi Wang, Douglas A. Keszler, and Howard M. Branz

Pressureless nanoimprinting of anatase TiO2 precursor films

    Dustin A. Richmond, Qifeng Zhang, Guozhong Cao, Dirk N. Weiss

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